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Single 9" Self Powered, Vented, Direct-radiating Full-range 1200 W, two channel Amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP. ±3dB: 50 - 19,000 Hz.


The SV9-MK3 is a studio-reference quality monitor that can venture outside the studio thanks to a rugged finish, handles, grilles and a substantial amount of power. The result is a very compact and portable system for those who demand premium quality and impressive output without large sized, heavy and obtrusive cabinets.

The compact, high fidelity and high output SV9-MK3 continues the BASSBOSS tradition of delivering remarkable bass performance and outstanding sound quality. In terms of output SPL and frequency response, the SV9-MK3 compares to much larger loudspeakers. Such performance from a much smaller enclosure is made possible by making decidedly different design and component choices than competitors.

The Birch plywood enclosure is strong and solid while remaining easily portable. The 9” woofer features a large voice coil, providing high power-handling, and a rubber surround for extended low-frequency response. The port has a large area to keep air velocity low, and its exit is clear of the grille to ensure minimal air-flow noise.

The low and midrange frequencies are delivered by a custom developed, carbon-fiber cone, 9” Neodymium LF driver. The 2.5” voice-coil offers high power handling and provides large displacement for increased LF output. The ultra-light carbon-fiber cone provides high sensitivity, with its rigidity contributing detailed resolution.

The high frequencies are delivered by a 1.4” voice-coil polyester diaphragm compression driver through a 1” throat horn with a 90 x 60 degree coverage pattern. The polyester diaphragm provides smooth response without the ringing and resulting harshness that can characterize metal diaphragms. The horn is deliberately placed clear of the grille and flush with the front of the cabinet in order to avoid reflections that would tend to blur imaging or otherwise interfere with smooth high-frequency response.

The amplifier offers abundant headroom. The proprietary BASSBOSS processing ensures exceptional sound quality and reliability. The cabinet construction, design, and premium components all contribute to the rich, smooth, sound.

The SV9-MK3 is suitable for use as a studio monitor thanks to its flat frequency response and premium quality, high-fidelity electronics. Its ultra-low noise CODECS, 96kHz sampling rate processor and high-resolution amplification are on par with the finest studio monitors in the industry.

What sets it apart from most compact monitors is the power it provides. The amplifier power, along with the processing power, allow it to be used at higher levels than you would dare with an ordinary studio monitor. Now you can take your studio-quality sound with you when you leave the studio.

The amplifier features a Class D SMPS with PFC, providing two channels, 900W LF and 300W HF. Eight on-board presets allow for a variety of configurations at the touch of a button, and LAN connectivity allows access to virtually unlimited preset combinations. On-board presets provide a variety of high-pass filters to suit full-range operation through a variety of settings that maximize SPL when used with a subwoofer.

With an enclosure that is just 18” x 10” x 15” and a mere 27. pounds, smaller events can be covered with ease. The Birch wood cabinet features integrated handles, a 35mm steel pole socket, and is finished in durable, high-pressure polyurea coating.

BASSBOSS loudspeakers are protected for safe, high-power operation. Optimized cabinet design, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive processing ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.