The NEW BASSBOSS Makara double 21" Subwoofer 5000 Watts

BASSBOSS Makara double 21 MK3 Image

Makara Double 21" MK3

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This high-output Dual-21” Powered Subwoofer delivers deep, intense, clear, resonant bass, thrilling all of your senses in its connection of auditory and physical immersion.


The MAKARA shares much of its DNA with the mighty KRAKEN. For audiences who have never heard notes this deep, the experience is unforgettable and instantly addictive. Like the Kraken, the Makara not only goes deep, it also administers a fearsome impact delivered by the short-horn loading of the fronts of the cones.

Frequency Response Lower Limit: 23Hz (-3 dB)

Frequency Response Upper Limit: 70 -110Hz (-3 dB) - DSP preset dependent)

Maximum Sustained Output: 145dB SPL, 1m, half-space

Max SPL (Peak): 148 dB

Amplifier: Twin Discrete Class D amplifiers, capable of delivering peak output voltage up to 160V and peak current output up to 40A with an upper limit of 2500 Watts power to each voice coil/driver.

DSP: Integrated comprehensive DSP provides all necessary high-pass and low pass filters, equalization, phase alignment and limiting for precise sound management

Cardioid mode is available when using multiple units for targeted sound control