BASSBOSS AT212 MK3 3200 Watts

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AT212 MK3 Active Top

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Full Range 2-way Active Vented, 80 x 60 degree (rotatable) coverage for multiple applications. 3200 Watt Class D amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP. ±3dB: 45 - 18,000 Hz.


The AT212-MK3 is a very high-output, 2-way, self-powered, internally processed, bi-amplified, mid-high loudspeaker. The cabinet is lightweight, the setup is easy and the output is smooth with a natural, musical character. The remarkable power and efficiency of the AT212-MK3 make it ideal for providers who want to deliver high output but prefer not to move heavy cabinets.

Intended for use with a subwoofer system to complete a 3-way active full-range system, the AT212-MK3 has a tall, slim design that allows the HF horn to stand above crowds when the cabinet is stacked on subwoofers. The light weight of the cabinet makes stacking by one person possible. The AT212-MK3 cabinets weigh only 99 lbs.

The cones are waterproofed to protect them from accidental exposure to moisture such as rain or spilled beverages. Weather resistant, IP65 rated power connectors, an internally sealed input section and waterproof-treated cones are provided to allow operation where rain might be encountered.

The AT212-MK3 is a vented cabinet that features two high-efficiency 12” woofers. The woofers feature 3.5” voice coils, Neodymium magnets, cast aluminum baskets and ultra-light cones. The compression driver also features a Neodymium motor structure with a 3” voice coil. It is mated to a 1.4” throat, cast aluminum horn. The horn is rotatable, providing 80 x 60 degree coverage for multiple applications including ground stack and horizontal or vertical flying.

Power is supplied by an amplifier that can deliver output peaks of 163V, to provide amazing dynamic resolution and impact. The fully integrated and comprehensive digital processing ensures smooth response and reliable operation thanks to meticulous filter alignments and five- stage limiters that protect the drivers from excessive peaks, and also from thermal overload, by monitoring real power output over time. The amplifier features a large heat sink and 2 temperature-controlled fans to ensure consistent operation under even the most extreme conditions.

The AT212-MK3 is the ultimate in plug and play, with universal voltage compatibility and no need for any outboard gear other than a sound source. The processing features presets that allow it to run in multiple configurations. The full-range mode, Preset 1, provides response down to 50Hz (-3dB). Each successive preset filters the lows out at higher frequencies, allowing the AT212-MK3 to be perfectly integrated with various types and sizes of subwoofers.

Not including Cardioid, there are up to 56 possible combinations when used with MK3 subs, and all are compatible. You can’t choose a “wrong” preset, you simply choose the combination you like best.

Each preset has a specific high-pass filter frequency and alignment filters that ensure it’s always phase coherent with any BASSBOSS sub. As low-frequency demand is reduced, higher sound levels can be achieved. In the higher presets, this allows each AT212-MK3 to provide enough mid-high power for multiple large subwoofers.

The AT212-MK3 can be combined with any BASSBOSS subwoofer because all the presets are programmed to align with all the subs. Each preset offers advantages that suit certain applications and preferences. No matter which preset you choose, your BASSBOSS subs and tops will always play in harmony.

The cabinet is built from 18mm and 15mm Baltic Birch plywood. It features an 18mm baffle, and 18mm top and bottom, with 15mm sides, port walls and braces, all assembled with dado joinery. The cabinet includes 4 steel bar-handles and 4 internally braced steel M10 fly points and a 35mm (1-3/8”) cast metal pole socket. The cabinet is finished in an extremely rugged, black polyurea coating. Drivers are protected by a black, powder coated, perforated steel grille, and the amp is recessed into the back of the cabinet for protection from damage in transit.

The MK3 features an all-new DSP. The comprehensive suite of processing includes high-pass and low-pass filters as well as multiple protection systems and limiters to prevent driver overload in as many ways as possible, including thermal, excursion and clipping. The five levels of protection actively prevent overheating of the voice coil, minimize long-term thermal compression and limit excursion. Because they operate in 5 different modes, the limiters are sophisticated enough to have a largely unnoticable effect on the transient response and allow the subwoofer to deliver peak output safely.

The new DSP features an Ethernet interface. This can be used to control the cabinets from a computer or to load software or firmware updates. The ethernet connectivity in conjunction with the DSP board allows signal to be sent via Milan AVB. Firmware updates will provide access to this feature.

Within the software, multiple cabinets can be grouped together, allowing them to respond to commands simultaneously. This permits the levels of multiple loudspeakers to be adjusted together and yet independently from the levels of other groups of loudspeakers. In addition to individual and grouped level controls, presets can be loaded and signal levels and temperatures can be monitored. Each cabinet includes a two-port switch so multiple cabinets can be chained on the same data cable.

The MK3 DSP features storage capacity of up to 100 presets, eight of which can be accessed at the touch of a button with no need for a connected computer. The eight directly accessible presets are compatible with all the presets in the MK3 Top Boxes and are also compatible with previous generation tops and subs.