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Single 15 in. Vented direct radiating subwoofer. 2500W RMS amplifier, integrated, comprehensive DSP. ±3dB: 40 - 104 Hz.


BASSBOSS continues to push the envelope of design for mobile-optimized subwoofers. The BB15-MK3 subwoofer’s compact size and excellent output-to-price ratio was designed for gigging DJs, home studio bass-heads, or venue owners with limited space.

A powerful, easily portable system for deep bass and superior sound quality, the BB15-MK3 offers Plug and Play usage, integrated DSP, a 2500 watt continuous amplifier, and a compact, lightweight design. At only 21” x 17” x 24” and 70 lbs its frequency response extends to 40 Hz ±3 dB, bringing alive notes that mass-market subs simply can’t reproduce.

For DJs and venues seeking extremely deep bass at moderately high levels in tight spaces, the BB15-MK3 is the smallest, lightest and most cost-effective solution available. Suitable for the truly bass-insatiable, whose focus is on modern music that features frequencies from 40-50Hz, this extremely compact sub weighs only 70 lbs.

The BB15-MK3 is a single 15-inch direct-radiating subwoofer. Featuring a long excursion, 15-inch woofer loaded into a vented enclosure that is tuned to optimize low frequency output using a very large port. The amplifier is loaded at the interior port end to utilize the air flow at high output for additional cooling. The cabinet was designed to minimize materials, cost and weight and maximize efficiency.

The BB15-MK3 features a 2500W amplifier with an auto-sensing, globally compatible power supply that can run on mains supplies anywhere between 90 and 250 Volts. Full output power is available on anything over 110V. The amplifier’s high peak-output voltage provides for intense high SPL hits while its sustained output is unparalleled in its ability to deliver the liquid lows. The amplifier is passively cooled via its external heat-sink and by woofer- generated air-flow through the port. When necessary, two blower-fans will engage to provide additional forced-air cooling capacity in more extreme conditions.

New to the MK3 are Neutrik powerCON True 1 TOP (Total Outdoor Protection) waterproof mains connectors. Waterproof mains connectors, along with a totally isolated input connection section and cones that are waterproofed, make the MK3 series the powered loudspeakers that can be used outdoors without fear of what the weather will bring, or used indoors without fear of what the partiers bring.

Electrical power is converted into the much more desirable acoustical power by a robust, neodymium motor, 15-inch woofer with a massive 4.5 inch (115mm) copper-wound voice coil. Neodymium magnets are lighter, and their higher intensity provides higher efficiency, so the result is a lighter and louder cabinet than those with ferrite drivers.

The MK3 features an all-new DSP. The comprehensive suite of processing includes high- pass and low-pass filters as well as multiple protection systems and limiters to prevent driver overload in as many ways as possible, including thermal, excursion and clipping. The five levels of protection actively prevent overheating of the voice coil, minimize long-term thermal compression and limit excursion. Because they operate in 5 different modes, the limiters are sophisticated enough to have a largely unnoticable effect on the transient response and allow the subwoofer to deliver peak output safely.

The new DSP features an Ethernet interface. This can be used to control the cabinets from a computer or to load software or firmware updates. The ethernet connectivity in conjunction with the DSP board allows signal to be sent via Milan AVB. Firmware updates will provide access to this feature.

Within the software, multiple cabinets can be grouped together, allowing them to respond to commands simultaneously. This permits the levels of multiple loudspeakers to be adjusted together and yet independently from the levels of other groups of loudspeakers. In addition to individual and grouped level controls, presets can be loaded and signal levels and temperatures can be monitored. Each cabinet includes a two-port switch so multiple cabinets can be chained on the same data cable.

The MK3 DSP features storage capacity of up to 100 presets, eight of which can be accessed at the touch of a button with no need for a connected computer. The eight directly accessible presets are compatible with all the presets in the MK3 Top Boxes and are also compatible with previous generation tops and subs.