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DiaMon 12" Coaxial MK3

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12 inch co-axial, bi-amplified, self-powered MicroMain. 1200 Watt 2 Channel Amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP. ±3dB: 80 - 18,000 Hz.


The DiaMon-MK3 is a high-output, point-source loudspeaker that can make your life easier thanks to its remarkably small size. This very compact and portable system provides impressive output without ever having to lift a large, heavy cabinet.

In terms of output SPL relative to size, the DiaMon-MK3 has virtually no competitors. The compact, high fidelity and high output DiaMon-MK3 continues the BASSBOSS tradition of delivering remarkable output capability and outstanding sound quality. Achieving this level of performance from such a small enclosure is made possible by making decidedly different design and component choices. The cabinet is made from Birch plywood, which is strong and solid, and the small size makes it very easily portable. The small size is made possible by the use of a co-axial driver in a sealed enclosure. With the high-frequencies exiting co-axially through the center of the woofer, no extra space is required for the addition of a high-frequency horn.

The low and midrange frequencies are produced by a high-sensitivity 12” cone woofer with a 3” voice coil and a neodymium magnet. The same magnet is used for the 3” diaphragm high-frequency compression driver, the 1.4” output of which passes through the woofer’s pole-piece. The inner surface of the pole-piece is machined into the shape of a horn. The woofer cone is the continuation of that horn, making it possible to generate very high output from a very small total surface area.

The resulting coverage pattern is 80 degrees conical, permitting a large coverage area and a great deal of placement options. A significant advantage of co-axial loudspeakers is the consistency of their off-axis response. Aside from delivering a more consistent and intelligible sound field, this also makes them much more resistant to feedback.

The amplifier features a Class D SMPS with PFC, providing two channels, 900W LF and 300W HF. Eight on-board presets allow for a variety of configurations at the touch of a button, and LAN connectivity allows access to virtually unlimited preset combinations.

On-board presets provide a variety of high-pass filters to suit full-range operation through a variety of settings that maximize SPL when used with a subwoofer. The sealed enclosure provides the flexibility to choose between low-frequency extension or high-SPL operation from the same compact loudspeaker.

When used with subs in high-SPL presets, remarkably large events and venues can be covered with these tops that measure just 14” x 14” x 11” and weigh less than 30 pounds.

The proprietary BASSBOSS processing ensures exceptional sound quality thanks to its premium quality, high-fidelity electronics. Its ultra-low noise CODECS, 96kHz sampling rate processor and high-resolution amplification are some of the finest in the industry.

BASSBOSS loudspeakers are protected for safe, high-power operation. Optimized signal processing, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive protections ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.

The Birch wood cabinet features a 35mm steel pole socket and is finished in durable, high-pressure polyurea coating. Power, signal and data connectors are hidden on the bottom panel, providing a clean, tidy look that maintains the compact aesthetic.